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The Bronze Days
A short game created for the Game Jam: collect relics within the ruins to upgrade your abilities before facing off with the area's boss, but be sure not to waste much time! Features an entirely custom engine built off of the LOVE2D Lua Framework, along with an original soundtrack created jointly using Orgmaker 2 and FL Studio.

Designed and created in a few days for the itch.io Game Jam; hope you enjoy it!

Controls: Designed to be played with only one hand

  • A and D keys to move
  • W key to jump
  • Spacebar to fire weapon, hold to charge
  • Left Shift to toggle into a sprint
  • 1 Key to purchase a Gun Upgrade
  • 2 Key to purchase a Vigor Upgrade
  • 3 Key to purchase a Jump Upgrade
  • Enter/Return to reset after Game Over or Victory

Created by Skyler "Uncle Bones" Menehan

Additional Sound Effects, Audio and Playtesting provided by Kingtrue

Install instructions

  1. Extract the .rar file to a folder
  2. Run BronzeDays.exe from the folder


The Bronze Days.rar 45 MB

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